EDGE Dimension – 3D and VR Studio based in Montreal, Canada, believes that “hyper realistic video game graphics in real estate can be cool.” The company has released new real estate floor plans using technology that eliminates rendering time processes.

Maxime Vignola with EDGE Dimension – 3D and VR Studio says, “Traditional image rendering does take a long time to be generated. Once the artists have placed all the models in the scene, created the materials and added the lights, he or she must then render that image.”

Vignola states that it generally takes half an hour to one hour to generate just one image. EDGE Dimension uses video game technology in order to eliminate the rendering time process, making it much faster and easier to create a variety of video and games.

“Once the scene is created, you can walk-around your scene without any limitations,” says Vignola.

He states that what used to take hours or even days of image processing can now be generated in real time, saving a lot of time compared to traditional methods. A beautiful cinematic can also be created with just the click of a button. The company states that to take things one step further, clients can also connect a virtual reality headset and be completely immersed in their virtual environments.

Vignola says that the main goal of the company is to help their clients save time and money by streamlining the photorealistic 3D rendering process as much as possible. He says that by reusing high quality assets and images that the company has created in the past for parts of a project, there is no need to spend time creating precisely those same images again, which makes the entire process run much more smoothly and much faster than before.

Those interested in learning more about the 3D rendering services company can visit them on their official website.

Source: https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/12655