Children in Oregon who are returning to school in August have been warned to keep themselves hydrated as the month happens to be the hottest during the year. Meanwhile, Futurepace Tech LLC is at the forefront of the movement to keep the school children hydrated by helping to supply insulated water bottles. This need emerged as Oregon commits to early school start.

“We have designed an effective stainless steel water bottle that helps to keep the water cool all day long,” says Robyn Everingham from Futurepace. “In fact, we guarantee that water remain cool for 24 hours. Hot liquids will stay warm for eight hours as well. It is vital for children who go back to school to stay hydrated at all times and our water bottle helps them to achieve that.”

Residents of Oregon are taking note. Not all schools across the country will start in August, but they do in that state, and the temperatures are incredibly high. While some residents have complained at the education board’s decision to start school that early, others have simply taken steps to ensure their children will remain safe. In terms of the water bottle, every family has one each, keeping all members of the family hydrated.

“I just bought my 4th one… so my kids could have their own to take back to school,” says Susan. “These are the best and I don’t want to share! Great customer service too!”

Futurepace is proud to play such an important part in the safety of the school children. The water bottle was originally released in time for summer, so people who went for outdoor pursuits would be able to drink whenever needed, without damaging the environment when disposing of plastic water bottles. The uptake was fantastic and the company is happy to see that customers are now starting to see alternative uses for the water bottle as well, particularly as a school water bottle. They also encourage customers to check out specials for multi purchases. They are available on Amazon UK as well. By using these special offers, everyone can be like Susan’s family and have one each to take to work or school.