Braden Counseling Center, based in Sycamore, IL, is proud to announce that they have officially launched their new website, which can be found at This site highlights the different counseling services being offered through the center. It also includes an easy ‘Contact Us’ form for those who are considering counseling and therapy. Furthermore, they are also proud to announce that Dr. Jayne Braden, has been mentioned in an article regarding telemedicine.

Brenda Butz from the Braden Counseling Center says: “We are very proud to have been able to launch our new website as it shows our care and dedication to each of our clients. We offer a non-judgmental approach to their needs, teaching people new skills and perspectives to enable them to better manage their lives. As shown on our new website, we have five convenient locations and offer flexible scheduling, including weekends.”

Braden Counseling Center ensures that its professional staff is licensed and they offer patients a free initial consultation so they can find out whether counseling could be a benefit to them. Braden does not have a waiting list for appointments, ensuring that people can be seen when they need to. They also accept most medical insurance packages. The focus for professional staff at the center is to be understanding and accepting, offering guidance and assistance to all who come to the counseling center.

“Our goal is to help you change your life, so you can learn to do it on your own,” explains Brenda Butz. “We have experienced staff who have been licensed by the State of Illinois to provide mental health services. We also offer a variety of evaluations, including same-day DUI evaluations, and legal and forensic work for attorneys. Schedule an appointment today and you can look forward to a better tomorrow.”

Apart from inviting people to visit their new website, they also encourage people to view their Facebook page. Through this social media page, the clinic aims to build a community in which advice, information, and guidance are shared. Furthermore, it provides people with the opportunity to review the services they have received, should they so choose. Those who have used the counseling services of the clinic in the past have been positive about their experience. For instance, Tim K. says on Yelp: “Throughout my entire legal process, the people at Braden Counseling treated me more like an actual person than any police officer, lawyer, or judge ever did […] My counselors Jen and Richard really care. They are awesome people. If you are shopping around for a court-ordered counseling center, I highly recommend Braden.”

Those who attend the center are first offered an intake appointment. During this time, the counselor helps patients determine their goals and identify the treatment that will be able to help them achieve those goals. They also offer SMART recovery for addiction support, a scientifically proven method of self-empowerment for recovery. In order to facilitate this, three weekly meetings are held in Sycamore.

Meanwhile, the center is also proud to announce that clinical psychologist Dr. Jayne Braden, was mentioned in an article regarding telemedicine. People are encouraged to read the full article for further information on her take on telemedicine. Telemedicine has been shown to be very beneficial for mental health care and particularly for those in rural areas who struggle to attend care centers.

According to Dr. Braden, counseling can be delivered through tele-technology because, unlike other forms of healthcare, there is no need to conduct a physical examination of the patient. The Braden Counseling Center was the first to offer tele-psychiatry in the mentioned geographical location. Due to its almost immediate popularity, the clinic was able to attract two staff psychiatrists who offer treatment through video conferencing. This enables them to have direct communication with their patients, discussing their expectations and even adjusting their medications. In so doing, they have been able to provide mental health support to disadvantaged communities with significant health disparities as a result of their remote locations.

According to Dr. Braden, there are numerous reasons as to why people prefer tele-services. She says: “Sometimes, they don’t want other people to know that they attend these services. This is one way to get those pieces to fit together without having to share all you’re doing.” Because of contract restrictions, psychiatrists can only be available through their clinic locations. However, counselors can offer their services at home as well.

Of particular interest, as highlighted in the article, is that the services offered by the Braden Counseling Center are now also supported by BlueCross health insurance, meaning it is not only those on Medicare who are able to access psychiatric and counseling support. This is an important development for the community as a whole.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]