LessonPlanSource is a business that partners with teachers to provide the best lesson plans on the web. They have recently entered into a partnership with Boise, ID digital marketing agency CrossCadence LLC to work on their digital exposure. As the new school year begins, teachers can now share lesson plans and build the community. CrossCadence has completed work on building the company’s new website and is now focusing on the digital marketing element of the site.

CrossCadence’s Brad Schweitzer says: “LessonPlanSource first got in touch with us after accessing our free video website analysis. We see this as our discovery phase, where we get to know each other and our prospective clients find out what we can do for them. If they want us to work with them, we enter into a partnership, so that their success is our success. We’re very happy to be working with LessonPlanSource on this.”

The goal of Lesson Plan Source is to create an educational community where teachers and tutors can support each other and bring about positive results in their classrooms. They achieve this by sharing resources, including knowledge and lesson plans, on a variety of subjects. Thanks to CrossCadence’s work, people can now search the website based not just on subject, but also on grade level. This is just one of the things that the company has done to improve LessonPlanSource’s online dominance.

Schweitzer adds: “We go above and beyond what our customers want to achieve. Throughout the project, we will see a steady improvement in traffic and search engine position. These regular wins throughout the project don’t feel like a success until a brand is marching to the perfect cadence across all online channels. The entire market (customers and leads) will then be generating a rhythmic buzz based on our marketing efforts.”

CrossCadence will continue to work with LessonPlanSource for the time being. They are continuing with various search engine marketing efforts, and are also working on a social media plan. Future proofing is an integral part of all the work that they do and they look forward to watching LessonPlanSource grow.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]